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Animorphs: The Invasion -Ch.1

Posted on August 29, 2013 at 6:15 PM

Hey guys.  Starting next Monday I'll be posting a page a week of an unofficial fan adaptation I am creating for the first chapter of the 1996 book Animorphs: The Invasion of the popular Animorphs series that ran for 5 years and over fifty books that developed a sci-fi world almost as rich as Star Trek.  If this project is succesful and gathers a good audience, I may proceed with adapting the second chapter and onwards.  Each chapter will feature it's own Chapter Cover.  So, with the first page of the comic dressed and ready for release on Monday, Here is the first Chapter cover.

New Page released first on DWEWORLDS.COM/apps/blog blog every monday. 

Released Tuesdays on

Released Thursdays on

And look for a "Page Process" post here every Thursday featuring the page's evolution to the final stage and an excerpt from the book the page was based on.

Categories: Comics, Fan Art, Animorphs