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New Abilities

World of Veronne

All creatures have a Primary Ability which is always with them. They also have one of up to two possible other Abilities called Secondary Abilities.

Ability Name

Effect Overview

  Boosts Evasion against targeting foes.

 Boosts Accuracy in response to accuracy reducing or enemy evasion increasing effects.

 May cause Paralysis, Sleep, or Confusion upon entrance. Evironment specific Evasion +1


 100% Accuracy for Sound-based moves


 Repetitve moves hit maximum possible times. Cannot be confused.

 Distortion Field

 Body Contact may cause Confusion. Cannot be confused.


  Gradually boosts Defense and Special Defense stat.

 Bait Switch

  Creates a Substitute when user is -50%HP. User loses 10%HP to make Substitute. Cannot make Substitute if -10% HP.


 May evade all target moves after using a move until the end of the next turn.


 Cannot be K.O.'d by Super Effective moves. Cannot be K.O'd by status damage.

 Air Current

 Boosts speed when hit by Flying-type moves. Immune to Flying-type moves.

 En Garde

 Boosts Defense when hit by physical move. Boosts Sp. Defense when hit by special move.

 Focus Target

 Boosts Critical Hit chances when user's move misses target.


 Accuracy and Evasion cannot be reduced. Cannot be confused.


 Boosts Accuracy upon entrence. May cause Confusion.

 Stealth Color

 Evades move that is the same type as last move to target user.

 Fell Sensor

 Doubles Accuracy when target is below half HP.


 Eades Super-Effective moves half the time.

 White Mist

 Causes Fog weather condition upon entrence.

 Storm Watch

 Causes a Thunderstorm weather condtion upon entrence.


 Contact may cause Freeze or Hypothermia.

 Water Proof

 Water-type attacks do half damage. Cannot be frozen. Immune to Soak.

 Cloud Body

 Gives immunity to non-projectile Ground-type moves. May evade physical moves.


 User can hold 3 or 5 items depending on it's stage of evolution.

 Plasma Rush

 Boosts Speed when using a Draining move


 Lowers opponent's Sp. Attack upon entrence. May cause Flinch upon entrence.

 Cushion Guard

 Prevents recoil damage.

 Time Warp

 Opponent always moves last.


 Heals team a little each turn. Rain and Sunny weather last longer.


 Boosts team's Offense upon entrence. Sunny and Heatstorm weather last longer.


 Prevents Team Status effect. Fog and Thunderstorm weather lasts longer.


 Boosts team's Defense and Sp. Defense upon entrence. Hailstorm and Rain weather last longer.

 New Growth

 Restore's team's PP upon entrence. Heal's a little each turn. 


 Gradually boosts Defense. Prevents Critical Hits on team.

 Stone Age

 Team only takes regular damage from Super-Effective moves.


 Allows only one creature with Seasonal at a time on a team.

 Primordial Rivalry

 Allows only one creature with Primordial Rivalry at a time on a team.


 Changes first type to Dark during Night or Blackout weather.